Snubby Secrets

Snubby Secrets is an exclusive video series only for our members to introduce snubby skills as well as discuss snubby related topics.

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Snubby Summit

In 2005 the Snubby Summit was held at The American Police Hall of Fame & Museum in Titusville, FL. We have videos from fourteen of the presenters that day:

  1. Massad Ayoob – Role of the Snubby for Cops
  2. Wes Doss – Snubbiews Advantages for Law Enforcement
  3. Andy Stanford – The Snubby as a Second Gun
  4. Michael de Bethencourt – Unconventional Snubby Reloading
  5. Walt Rauch – Why the Snubby is Still Relevant
  6. Clyde Caceres – Laser Enhancement of the Snubby
  7. Paul Gomez – Courses of Fire for the Snubby
  8. Jim Cirillo – Ammunition for the Snubby
  9. Southnarc – Close Quarters Fighting
  10. David Kenik – Pocket Carry
  11. Jim Clark – Snubby Safety Concerns
  12. Ed Lovette – The Snubby in High Risk Environments
  13. Claude Werner – Snubby Skills Development
  14. Tom Givens – Counterpoint: Small Autoloaders are a Better Choice

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