Who We Are

Michael deBethencourt

Senior ROSCOE advocate and project provocateur

Jason Chandonnet

Associate founder and Chief Technology Enforcer

Associate founder and Chief Technology Officer for the ROSCOE snub shooters association. A self described classical shooter systems enthusiast and a researcher/student of clasic police defense tactics systems. Jason brings decades of I.T. innovations combined with his passion for historic firearm research together for the benefit of his fellow snub shooting advocates.

Nick Walker, Ph.D.

Director of Yellow Journalism

Nick Walker is a conservation biologist from Virginia. Nick likes to keep things simple, hence his affinity for revolvers. As the editor of the ROSCOE Broadside, Nick brings close to 20 years of experience in writing and publishing. Nick is a career scientist, but scientific inquiry depends on freedom of thought and protecting our natural right to self defense.

Grant Cunningham

Leader of the Revolver Liberation Alliance

Grant Cunningham is an author, teacher, and consultant in the fields of self defense and preparedness, as well as being a nationally known (though retired) revolver gunsmith. Grant started his defensive shooting education more than a quarter-century ago and developed a special affinity for the snubby. Among his other works, he wrote a popular book on the subject titled “Protect Yourself With Your Snubnose Revolver”. He also teaches classes across the country specifically on the use of the revolver as a defensive tool.

Claude Werner

The Tactical Professor


Retired from actively teaching self-defense with firearms, Stephen shares much of what he learned in that part-time career on his Defensive Use of Firearms website []. Since the closing of Paladin Press, he has also posted an electronic version his book, of the same title, for free download on the website. His own training included courses from some of the better known private-sector instructors in the US as well as many “unknown” ones encountered at law-enforcement training seminars and conferences. His certification from the Law Enforcement Activities Division of the NRA included Handgun/Shotgun, Patrol Rifle and Tactical Shooting Instructor. Influenced in part by his training in the Cantonese martial art of Wing Chun Kuen, over time, his teaching shifted increasingly from that oriented toward shooting on the range to that which is most likely to work in an actual fight.

Chris Bird

Staff Writer

Chris Bird was born and raised in a small island kingdom, just east of Martha’s Vineyard where he lived on a steady diet of violent TV westerns. Always a nonconformist, he collected a small arsenal of short and long guns before joining the British Army as a Royal Military Police officer. Following his outstanding service, unmatched since the days of Nelson and Wellington, he fled to Canada. Rescued from his itinerant life by a lovely local woman, Mr. Bird (as he was now calling himself) fled to Texas with his victim/wife in tow. Mr. Bird currently continues to feed his incessant appetite for high adventure via his Peter Pan inspired publishing house, Privateer Press, and living vicariously through the exploits of armed house-fraus.

Chris Bird had nothing to do with the bio paragraph above. Y’all know how Michael likes to exaggerate. In addition Bird is author of The Concealed Handgun Manual, (seventh edition coming soon), Thank God I Had a Gun: True Accounts of Self-Defense, and Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage: When Seconds Count, Police Are Still Minutes Away.