Welcome to I’m With ROSCOE! We offer lots of stuff for free, like an e-newsletter so you can keep up to date on the latest snubby news, plus discussion forums on Facebook and MeWe. But the real benefits come with membership – here’s a few of them:

1. Training And Networking Opportunities

We invite you to train with the leading revolver instructors. Michael de Bethencourt offers classes and shooting matches in Massachusetts, if you can’t meet up with him we are building a network of instructors around the country.

We offer instructions to run your own shooting matches from anywhere, you can send in your scores on-line to be eligible for prizes. You’re only competing against own previous scores, so everyone can be a winner. We even provide downloadable targets you can print anywhere.
Plus, we’re planning conferences called “Snubby Summits” that will bring together the best instructors from around the country.

2. Exclusive Members Only Benefits

We offer a huge array of discounts on all kinds of products from various vendors. Save 10% on all TUFF products and BookMods, save 20% at Zeta6 and Galco Gun Leather! On Black Friday we even had 22% off at AHolster. Plus get exclusive deals on books, gunsmithing services and much more. These discounts alone are worth the price of membership!

Our website also features tons of members-only content, like range drills, feature stories like a 3-part series on Chic Gaylord, limited edition I’m With ROSCOE flasks and lighters, member forums — plus access to an exclusive secret Facebook group.

3. I’m With ROSCOE Publications

We publish a print Broadside featuring articles from guys like Ed Lovette, Tom Givens, Mike Boyle, Stephen P. Wenger, Andy Stanford, William Bell, Robert Escobar, Ed Harris and Chris Bird. You won’t find another revolver publication like this anywhere in the world. It’s available in full-color print for our members, plus you can download a digital edition.

Our publications are getting bigger too – the latest issue has twice as many pages as the first one!

4. Learn And Preserve Our History

We are dedicated to preserving the history of the era of the snubnose revolver, around the 1920s to the 1980s. We keep a noir theme at all of our events and publications in part because it’s fun, but also because it brings back the manners and class of a bygone era – a society that’s both armed and polite. We are an association for gentlemen and ladies interested in learning, self-improvement and self-defense. If that sounds like you, we invite you to join I’m With ROSCOE.

The cost for two years of membership is $44. (For you math majors, that’s less than $2 a month). Join today and be a part of the only shooting association that’s dedicated to helping you train with your snubnose revolver and saving you time and money in the process. Plus, you’ll get to be part of a community that provides motivation and encouragement to help you reach your goals. If you’ve got any questions please contact us or get on our newsletter and Facebook group.