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Ralph Friedman

Ralph is the NYPD’s most decorated Detective in New York history.

Ralph Friedman would be stabbed, biten, assaulted and shot at over the course of his legendary law enforcement career. He fought for the good of New York City in what some have considered to be the toughest years all to protect the public from crime, drugs and violence. A nearly fatal car crash abruptly ended his career in 1983. Ralph now resides in Connecticut still involved in law enforcement giving talks, lectures and interviews. He also continued to pursue his passion for cars.

Learn more about Ralph Friedman on his website https://www.bronxstreetwarrior.com/.

Ed Mireles

I’m With ROSCOE members get an exclusive discount on his incredible book: FBI Miami Firefight. Members can order here.

Visit edmireles.com to learn more.


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