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eMatch 1 Scoreboard is up!

We've just posted the scoreboard for eMatch 1! This board shows your best score for each drill by revolver type used - 5 or 6 shot. View the scores here. If you haven't participated in eMatch 1 yet, please go to the eMatch page to get the instructions and target, and...

Custom m10 for sale

Custom m10 for sale

Dear Members, We have just received this exciting opportunity to get your hands on a one of a kind customized m10! Gotta make some room in the safes, so I'm clearing out a few items. Presented for your inspection, one S&W Model 10 2” barrel - approx 1962.  ...

January 29, 2019 Update

  Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for January 29, 2019: Stephen Camp’s Shooters Guide to the Airweight J-Frame Text – This text usually retails for $23.00 plus an additional $3.00 for shipping....