Range Drills

We are currently working on a second short monograph: 38 Challenging Drills for Better Snub Shooting. The lion’s share of these are drills are already incorporated into the local snub shoots. Before we send this off to the printer’s we’d like to invite you to submit your favorite snub range drill for inclusion. Ideally, it should adhere to the following format: 8-rounds maximum, Two targets maximum, One reloading tool, Use of cover if appropriate, Simple to obtain props (if any)[.] Free gift and monograph copy to every Facebook member whose drill is chosen for inclusion.

Send your drill to: Info@ImWithROSCOE.com

IWR Speed & Accuracy Drill

Drill Objective

To improve the shooter’s ability to achieve effective hits on target while decreasing the time required to do so.

Equipment Required for Drill
IWR Target
20 rounds of ammo
Roscoe of your choice
Eye and ear protection
Shot timer (if available)
Stage 1


1323 Drill

It’s been a long night, but then it always is following the trail of some skell on behalf of the femme fatale from central casting who wandered into your office the other day and hired you. After trading shots with Blinky and Dum-Dum at three this morning when they tried to waylay you, you are […]

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The Langrish Drill with reload

This Course is derived from a Course invented by Capt. Edward Langrish of the Hartford CT Police Department in 1927. Target – Any silhouette, such as IDPA or Trace around a CD to draw six circles on the target: Distance – 5 Yards. Time Limit – None. Shooting Position – You may shoot from any […]

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ICE 5-Shot Handgun Qualification Course

Five Shot Handgun Qualification Course (As amended December 1, 2004) Firearms Service-authorized handgun Ammunition Fifty (50) rounds Target ICE Target Course of Fire All stages will be fired as a hot range. Once prepared for duty carry, the shooter will be responsible for maintaining full magazines throughout the course of fire, reloading on command and/or […]

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