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    Next time I go to Arlington to remember absent friends I’ll look up Dieter and toast his memory.

    I agree that Rescue Dawn is the true to his book Escape from Laos.

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    Ed Harris


    Are you any relation to Dieter, who was a Naval aviator?

    Did you ever run into a SGT Mike Hastings (USAF) who was detailed to White House Communications probably in your era?

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    Ed Harris

    .38 Special Velocity Tests, November 19, 2019, 50 degs. F.

    Firearm: S&W Mod37 S&W Mod12 S&W .38-44HD Remarks:
    Barrel length 1-7/8″ 2″ 4″
    Cyl. Gap 0.008 0.006 0.006

    Ball M41 130FMJ RA66 732 fps, 23 Sd 742 fps, 30 sd 832 fps, 31 Sd Vietnam-era military for Airweight revolver
    Ball M41 130FMJ WCC68 721 fps, 20 Sd 766 fps, 32 Sd 779 fps, 28 Sd Vietnam-era military for Airweight revolver
    Winch. 130 FN “Service Grade” 739 fps, 22 Sd 771 fps, 5 Sd 846 fps, 11 Sd Current production “range” ammo
    Avg. vel. of 130-grain ammos 731 fps———760 fps———819 fps

    Speer 135GHHP 4.1 Bullseye 710 fps, 19 Sd 772 fps, 18 Sd 808 fps, 20 Sd Good exp.(water jugs) fr Mod12, but not Mod37 Needs >750 fps

    WRA 148 HBWC 638 fps, 14 Sd 687 fps, 9 Sd 694 fps, 20 Sd Vietnam-era training ammo, factory target wadcutter
    R-P 148 HBWC 3.2 Bullseye 770 fps, 9 Sd 797 fps, 17 Sd 845 fps, 11 Sd “Full Charge” wadcutter handload.

    Rem-UMC 158″Police Service” 697 fps, 14 Sd 733 fps, 11 Sd 787 fps, 23 Sd WW2-era police service
    WRA 158 LRN “Lubaloy” 699 fps, 19 Sd 720 fps, 14 Sd 756 fps, 7 Sd WW2-era police service
    WRA “cut-off”_ 146 FN” 729 fps, 19 Sd 757 fps, 12 Sd 791 fps, 19 Sd Nose cut in trim die to 1.40″ ctg. OAL with .25″ meplat
    RWS 158 FMJFN 659 fps, 33 Sd 694 fps, 20 Sd 681 fps, 10 Sd Current production “range” ammo
    Avg. vel. of 158-grain ammos 696 fps———726 fps———754 fps

    Charge establishment with Magtech 158-grain LRN to approximate old factory lead service
    4 grains Bullseye, OAL 1.50″ 717 fps, 6 Sd 752 fps, 19 Sd 782 fps, 11 Sd RCBS Little Dandy Measure rotor #7
    3.7 grains 452AA, OAL 1.50″ 702 fps, 13 Sd 719 fps, 10 Sd 742 fps, 20 Sd RCBS Little Dandy Measure rotor #7

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    Ed Harris


    Can you see about postinng a grouping of the articles you guys like best on the Member’s Only portion of the forum? If some are of general interest but not quite a good fit for the Broadside due to length or whatever, put them up here. Maybe invite new members to post updates on their projects. Would be nice to have a mechanism to upload photos directly, if resized to a file size which displays OK on the screen, but does not hog bandwidth. Cast Boolits and similar forums limit photo file sizes to 500k, and participants are allowed 20MB of total file attachments. Once that limit is reached the older ones are purged and the new ones substituted. There should be software which would automatically resize photos to suitable size while virus scanning them.

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    Ed Harris

    I agree with all of you and wish there were more activity here. I don’t do social media due to privacy issues. It might help if all of us would “ping” on the mods to post more articles here on the forum in the members only section, rather than dribbling them out on the blog and newsletter. I have lot of material which I have forwarded them, but I don’t know if any of it is being used other than maybe on the FaceBook page.

    Currently I am having Sandy Garrett at Northern VA Gun Works go through three Colt New Service revolvers, a Cdn. WW1-issue .455 Eley, a US M1917 .45 ACP and a 1923 commercial in .45 Colt, all three guns with 5-1/2″ barrels and lanyard loops. Unfortunately I’m not able to upload pics here, because I don’t store my stuff on a cloud, and the system here doesn’t let you upload images directly.

    A glimpse here: https://castbulletassoc.org/forum/thread/who-shoots-a-colt-new-service-what-caliber/

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    Ed Harris

    I don’t do Facebook or any other social media either. I’ve been fooling with a couple new-to-me “gats”,
    vintage S&Ws and Colts. I’ve been passing pictures along, so they may have made it to Facebook, but I
    wouldn’t know.

    I don’t store my images on a cloud either, and this site won’t let me upload directly, so you will have
    to go over to the Cast Bullet Association forum to view the old school cop guns.


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    Ed Harris

    Lots more revolver stuff on The Cast Bullet Association Forum at https://castbulletassoc.org/forum/members/logon/

    You don’t need to join CBA to join the forum and participate. Once on the forum if you would like to see a free sample electronic copy of our magazine, The Fouling Shot, contact the Membership director to email you a copy. The FS has a good mix of material, lots of cast bullet related testing and experimental stuff, match reports with technical data, also hunting, historical and practical handgun, blackpowder and gunsmithing related pieces. Authors from US, Canada, Australia, Italy, and readers from as far away as India who like to read about stuff they can’t have or do.

    I’ve sent Nick a dump of my FS revolver and handloading articles to co-host here, so eventually you can get a taste closer to home.

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    Ed Harris

    Another table from my test logs to keep people interested until Nick can format some of my articles for posting:

    Table 1 – Comparison of weight and dimensions Colt vs. Webley
    ________________________Webley Mark IV .380 (1950)____Colt Police Positive .38 Colt NP (1930)
    Barrel length:__________4”____________________________4”
    Overall Length:_________10.1”_________________________9.5”
    Weight:_________________26.5 ozs._____________________20 ozs.
    Cylinder Diameter:______1.45”_________________________1.40”
    Cylinder Length:________1.30”_________________________1.30”
    Cylinder Throats Dia:___.362__________________________.359
    Cylinder Gap:_________0.005PASS/0.006HOLD_______0.005PASS/0.006HOLD
    Barrel bore/groove:_____.355/.362_____________________.344/.354

    Table 2 – Velocity Comparisons Webley&ScottMark IV vs. .38 Colt New Police Positive

    Ammunition:__________________________Webley Mark IV_____Colt Police Positive
    Fiocchi 146-grain LRN factory load___750 fps, 19 Sd_____794 fps, 14 Sd
    Accurate 36-125T, 2.7 grs. Bullseye__761 fps, 10 Sd_____803 fps, 10 Sd
    “ “ “, 3.0 grs. Bullseye_837 fps, 16 Sd_____883 fps, 9 Sd
    Accurate 155D-146-gr.HP 3.0 Bullseye_794 fps, 15 Sd_____852 fps, 12 Sd
    Accurate 36-155D, 2.1 grs. Bullseye__640 fps, 8 Sd______671 fps, 11 Sd
    “ “ , 2.5 grs. Bullseye__710 fps, 16 Sd_____756 fps, 11 Sd
    Accurate 36-178D, 2.1 grs. Bullseye__595 fps, 10 Sd_____601 fps, 18 Sd
    Ideal 195-grain #358430 1.7 Bullseye_513 fps, 11 Sd_____Fat nose would not chamber in Colt
    Accurate 36-201D, 2.1 grs. Bullseye__601 fps, 12 Sd_____612 fps, 20 Sd
    NOE 201-grain Mk2, 2.1 grs. Bullseye_609 fps, 12 Sd_____629, fps 15 Sd

    Table 3 – Velocity of Factory .38 S&W Loads vs. Cylinder Gap and Barrel length:

    Firearm____________S&W 32-1______Colt_______Ruger______S&W Victory___Rook Rifle
    Barrel length__________2”_________4”_________4”________5”___________20”
    Cyl.Gap_pass/hold_0.004/0.005__0.005/.006__.004/.005___.008/h.009___Solid bbl. Ammunition_______________________________________________________
    FN Mk2z____________577,8 Sd____616, 10_____618,19_____571,22_____Bullet stuck in bbl!
    Kynoch 146LRN______623,26 _____649, 31_____650,22_____685, 22____848, 7
    WRA 146LRN (WW2)___659, 10_____701, 13_____727, 5_____681, 14____787, 14
    Rem-UMC 146 LRN____668, 22_____768, 14_____765, 15____754, 10___ 920, 14
    Fiocchi 146 LRN____706, 12_____809, 21_____820, 23____709, 24____985, 9
    R-P 146 LRN________603, 14_____674, 12_____697,18_____627,22_____790,10
    W-W 146 LRN________586, 18_____593, 36_____662, 29____620, 19____801, 12

    Column Mean________631_________687_________705________664________855

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    Ed Harris

    I’m another new user here who feels that there are too many privacy issues with Facebook, Instagram, etc. don’t and won’t use them.

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    Ed Harris

    Table may be a dupe as it “disappeared” when I attempted to edit so I uploaded it again.


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    Ed Harris

    Velocity vs. Barrel Length In .38 Special:
    Firearm:———————– Ruger SP101——Ruger Speed Six——–Ruger Service Six—–Marlin1894CB
    ——————————–.38 Spl. 2”—–_.357 Mag. 2-3/4”——-.38 Spl. 4”—————.38 Spl. 18”
    Ammunition:———–(cylinder gap at 0.06” Mean Assembly Tolerance Throughout)——Solid Barrel Carbine
    Winchester 110-gr. STHP—–851, 19Sd———-886,33Sd——————896, 35Sd————1037, 57Sd
    Winchester 125-gr. STHP+P–737, 14Sd———-not fired——————956, 39Sd————1159, 25Sd
    Federal 147-gr. JHP+P+-LE—-922, 15Sd———-952, 33Sd—————-1065, 40Sd———–1153,44Sd
    Win. X38SMRT 148 HBWC——-682, 25 Sd———734, 11Sd—————-783, 7 Sd————–879,13Sd
    Remington 148HBWC———–703, 5Sd————741, 25Sd—————-752, 14Sd————–850, 14Sd
    Norma 158LRN—————-721, 14Sd———-743, 14Sd—————-796, 14Sd————–985, 7Sd
    Win. X38SPD 158LHP +P——815, 16Sd———-831, 36Sd—————-879, 21Sd————–1093, 19Sd

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    Ed Harris

    This is C.E. “Ed” Harris. Retired “outside the Moderate Damage Radius” in West Virginia close to the Peacemaker National Training Center.

    I’ve recently provided Nick and Jason with a dump of my wheelgun related articles and tips which will hopefully find their way onto the website here in due time. The old timers here may remember my writings in American Rifleman and the Gun Digest. These days members of The Cast Bullet Association are the beneficiaries of my ramblings describing “Echoes from Plinker’s Hollow” and “Tales From The Back Creek Diary.”

    You can also find some of my recent articles co-hosted at:



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