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    Ed Harris

    I have lots of photos, etc. I could share, but they are on my hard drive because I don’t put my stuff out on a cloud.

    I would be happy to post technical gunsmithing photos and could size them to a reasonable file size for display,

    but your system doesn’t permit direct uploading of photos etc. Sorts of puts the brakes on it.

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    I would be very interested to read these too. But it seems that all the action is on face book, which I don’t do.
    Kinda wondering just what I paid $44 for.


    I paid $44 to support something new.

    The Facebook Group just hit 2000 members. I mention this only because that’s the most visible part of the group. As the word gets out the forum will grow. It’ll take longer because it’s less visible. I only stumbled across it today after joining a week ago.

    I’m going to post in the group over there to remind people the forum exists. may or may not help, we’ll see.


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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