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    My Christmas present to myself was another Broner USA Made Above the Rest Fedora, this time in Brown.

    While it’s not a 5-shot snub, this is a 3″ M65 snub that has special meaning to me.

    It was built by my closest friend and mentor (as a LE firearms instructor and armorer) when he went back to the S&W Academy many years ago for his Revolver Armorer class. Back then in those days he said they gave you a frame and yoke of a model you selected, and then you picked the rest of the parts to assemble and hand-fit a working revolver, which you can then arrange to buy at the end of the class. he built that M65 3″.

    He always knew I had a liking for it, even though he had an extensive collection of some rather high end, handmade and (the old) S&W Performance Center guns. When he reached the point he was in hospice, he called me and told me it was time to pick what I wanted from his safe. Sad day. It was transferred to me while we were helping his widow arrange to transport and sell his collection through an estate agent who owns a rather unique business specializing in the sales of unique firearms (and swords and other interesting military collectibles). The store is owned by an old friend of the family.

    Anyway, here they are …


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    Weddy weddy nice.

    John Kahn

    Mike, another good looking fedora there, and a special M65. Congratulations!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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