E-Match Qualifier

Firearm handling is an inherently dangerous practice. Exercise all due caution when handling any firearm. Use all normal care and safety equipment when around firearms and/or on a range. And follow all safety rules that cover general firearm handling as well as follow all local range rules.

All shooters are responsible for range safety. Shooters are strongly encouraged to shoot with a second, competent observer who can and will act as a range safety officer during your participation in this e-match program.

Special note on our Cold Range Requirement: Many shooters do not care for drills that start with an unloaded firearm. We understand your reluctance, but safety considerations and liability realities prevent us from encouraging you to modify any of the e-qualifier drills. If you have any questions regarding this e-qualifier, please e-mail us at info@ImWithROSCOE.com and be sure to use the subject: E-Qualifier Q.

The I’m With ROSCOE (IWR) e-match qualifier consists of seven individual stages. Six of seven stages involve skills with a separate, and in most cases, classic snub reloading tool. The full e-qualifier shoot requires fewer than 50 rounds. A PDF of the e-qualifier target and these rules can be found at ImWithROSCOE.com. Six drills are conducted while facing a single target at seven yards. One extended distance drill is conducted while facing a single target at fifteen yards. All drills are conducted on a cold range. The 11×17 IWR target (See above) is scored as follows: Any hit within either the “T” or the “O” scores 2-points. Any hit outside the “T” or “O” but on any part of the body scores 1-point. Any shot outside the border of the body and/or any miss outside the paper scores zero points.


Note on recording scores: I’m With ROSCOE members are encouraged to record individual drills. Shooters are not required to complete the entire e-match in order to post scores. Not all shooters will initially possess all of the required reloading tools. Shooters are encouraged to post partial scores on the I’m With ROSCOE web page. Please remember, you are not scored against other shooters. You are shooting only against your own previous score.


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