Facebook Forum Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Feb. 2020

What are the rules here?

First and foremost: Absolutely NO links to firearm or ammunition sales. Must be 18+ to be a member. These are Facebook policies that we must enforce so violating one of these will result in instant removal from the group. (On the other hand, you are welcome to post sales on our MeWe group). 

We welcome posts related to snubnose revolvers, including holsters, accessories, ammunition, reloading, etc. We also welcome noir/detective themed posts, (e.g. pictures of guys/gals wearing fedoras and toting period weapons. Preferably revolvers.)

We are not interested in posts on firearms other than revolvers unless there is an obvious connection, e.g. your home defense plan includes a revolver and lever action rifle in the same caliber. Please don’t use this as a place to promote your own blog, podcast or YouTube channel unless your content is directly related to snubs. Only post political content if it specifically concerns revolvers, e.g. a locality that severely limits options for autoloading pistols or that bans revolvers with barrels under a certain length.

Non-negotiable: Do not post anything advocating unlawful, unethical or irresponsible use of firearms, no personal attacks, no crazy talk, etc. Do not promote any political candidate or party. Do not promote your religion (or lack thereof). Do not post anything pornographic, racist, anti-American, fraudulent, vulgar, hateful or anything that encourages violating any law. Although we discuss firearms and other serious topics, posts should be at least somewhat family-friendly. If it needs a “NSFW” tag then it doesn’t belong here. Please be civil to one another.

The moderators and administrators are volunteers. They use their best judgment to handle things but are not perfect people. If you have questions please send us a DM. 

Remember there are well-funded groups working hard to take away your right to self-defense. Please don’t give them anything to use against us.

Please be advised this is an open group. Anything you post here will become permanently archived and accessible by anyone on the Internet.

Can I post pictures of my snubby, my latest purchase, my EDC pocket dump etc?

Of course you can! We have a thread just for that purpose right here.

If all you want to post is a picture of your gear, it goes in that thread. Please only start a new thread if you are contributing new information — a product review, a shooting drill, a piece you’ve written, etc. We have thousands of members and Facebook does not provide an option to create sub forums so this is the best we can do to keep things organized.

Why was my post declined?

We are a group with a narrow focus. Think of it like calling in to a radio show — of course we appreciate everyone who wants to interact with us, but we also have a screening process. Remember, you can start your own Facebook group in minutes.

Is I’m With ROSCOE more than just a Facebook group?

Yes, in fact, Facebook is probably the least interesting thing we offer. We are the only association in the world that’s dedicated to helping you get the most out of your snubnose revolver. We offer training, shooting matches, range drills, print and electronic publications, discounts on tons of products and much more. See everything we do on our Membership page.

How do I submit something for publication?

Is this a Roscoe?

Is it a snubnose revolver capable of firing in double action? If so, then yes, if not, then no.

How do you define snubnose revolver?

Sigh… do we really have to do this? Do we want to end up like the people debating features of assault [sic] weapons endlessly? Use common sense here. If the barrel is 2” long, yes it’s a snub. If it’s 3”, that’s close enough.

OK but what about a 4” Model 10, or an N-frame snub, or a Ruger Alaskan, or…

Try to get a feel for what we do here. Snubnose revolvers are distinct from larger revolvers because they are designed for discreet carry. If you want to talk about larger guns, ask yourself “is this what I actually carry on a regular basis and/or what I carried on duty? Is this what I practice with for self defense? Is this what I’m using in I’m With ROSCOE shooting matches?”

If the answer to the above is “no”, then it does not count. This is among the reasons single action revolvers tend to be frowned upon here, because almost no one actually carries one for defense.

How is an LCR (or a polymer Bodyguard, or a Rhino) considered noir?

They’re neo noir. The date of manufacture is not relevant.

So then what’s the point of the noir theme?

The noir stuff is partly because it’s fun to dress up in fedoras and trench coats, but more importantly, it recalls a bygone era of manners, class and treating people with respect. This includes avoiding ego-driven conflicts and not reacting to slights and insults – whether you’re carrying a firearm or not. Thus, I’m With ROSCOE is in part an etiquette class for gun owners.

Why can’t I post firearm XYZ here?

This is not the place to post every firearm you own or wish you owned. There are already 1,000 other places on the Internet for that. This is a shooting association for people interested in things like education, self-improvement, sharing knowledge and preserving history. Posting random photos is simply a distraction from our goals.

OK but I really want to post a picture of my Colt 1903 or my single action revolver or, they are noir too!

No one disputes that these kinds of firearms were popular during the noir era but we are still a snubnose revolver association. We offer training, shooting matches, range drills, print and electronic publications and discounts on tons of products related to snubbies. We do not offer similar content or services for other types of firearms.

If you want to help us expand to other firearms, great! But remember there is a lot more to it than just posting photos of guns.

I saw a picture with a gun next to a bottle of whiskey, or a photo with someone exercising poor trigger finger discipline!

First, thank you for being observant. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Sometimes people like to take photos of their guns next to a whiskey bottle because it looks really cool and captures that noir aesthetic. It is the responsibility of the person posting that photo to include a disclaimer that alcohol should never be consumed while handling firearms. To repeat, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU HANDLE FIREARMS WHILE UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL. There is a time to have fun and a time to be serious – don’t mix the two.

If you are posting your own photo we expect you to demonstrate trigger finger discipline and follow every safety rule every time. If you do not know the rules of firearm safety, please click here and then seek qualified instruction.

For vintage photos (such as those featuring stars from Hollywood’s golden age) we are more relaxed on the safety rules, because these were done to promote films rather than safe gun handling. The fact that we can look back at them today and see obvious safety violations is a sign of how far we have come and how much progress has been made in past decades.

Why don’t you make the Facebook group private?

Because we are a business and we want to promote ourselves to the largest audience possible. So, limiting who can see the group makes no business sense whatsoever. We do have a private group too, available for members only.

OK but I don’t want people seeing what I wrote on here.

Too bad. This is the Internet, where everything you do becomes part of a permanent record, regardless of whether or not you use a fake name or turn up the privacy settings to the max. If you end up in court after defending yourself with a firearm, all of your social media and Internet browsing history will be available to the prosecuting attorney. We love the Internet for what it’s done for business, but it’s also killed privacy.

Someone wrote a comment and I don’t like it!

Here are your options:

  1. Ignore them.
  2. Block them.
  3. Reply to the comment.
  4. Take your discussion to DM.

Please do not involve the moderators in your personal disputes – contact us ONLY if that person is violating one of our rules.

I’m a moderator and someone asked to join the group. Do I approve them?

Yes, after they answer our three questions:

  • Do you understand that pursuant to Facebook policies, it is prohibited to post ANY links to firearm or ammunition sales and doing so will result in your permanent removal from this group?
  • Do you understand this is a group for people interested in learning and training with double action revolvers with a short barrel (snubbies) and not the place to post other types of firearms?
  • Do you understand this is not the place to rant about politics (unless it specifically relates to snubbies)?

What if they didn’t answer yet?

Please allow them 48 hours to do so. After that you can click decline. Please do not also click “ban from group” unless there is obvious trolling content on their profile. Note that not every gun person puts firearms-related content on their personal wall and we have people from different political backgrounds who post here.