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.410 M35 Shotshell for M6 Survival Gun

My friend Giorgio in Italy tells me there is still some historical interest over there in use of smallbore “garden guns” for pest control on tiny urban garden plots inside walled compounds. The design intent was that they be short-ranged, having a mild report which...

Member Review – Zeta6 J-CLIP-R Speed Loader for Ruger LCR 38 Special/ 357 Magnum

When I first handled the Zeta6 it felt awkward. I have used HKS speed loaders since they first came out so the zeta 6 just didn’t feel right. I was using dummy rounds at first and practicing at home to get used to the loader before going to the Gun Club.

The loader was carried loose in a pocket and as you took it from the pocked you had to find the “tab” that is on one side of the Zeta6 so you can position the loader properly to load the Roscoe. I was so used to the HKS and its release knob in the center, that it took about two dozen practice runs before I felt comfortable with the Zeta6. So on to the range…

IWR Speed & Accuracy Drill

Drill Objective

To improve the shooter’s ability to achieve effective hits on target while decreasing the time required to do so.

Equipment Required for Drill
IWR Target
20 rounds of ammo
Roscoe of your choice
Eye and ear protection
Shot timer (if available)
Stage 1