C.E. “Ed” Harris

C.E. “Ed” Harris is well known to readers of American Rifleman, the Gun Digest, and the Cast Bullet Association’s Fouling Shot magazine. After service in the U.S. Navy, he spent 12 years on the Technical Staff of the National Rifle Association, where he was a...

Tales From the Back Creek Diary – Wheelgun 101

Mechanical and Safety Inspection of the Double-Action Service Revolver C.E. Harris, Gerrardstown, WV Based upon common questions I receive from readers, and having to repeat, what used to be common knowledge, it appears that most shooters today lack any basic understanding  of double-action revolver inspection. A year or so ago Dave Reiss wrote an excellent article […]

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January 29, 2019 Update

  Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for January 29, 2019: Stephen Camp’s Shooters Guide to the Airweight J-Frame Text – This text usually retails for $23.00 plus an additional $3.00 for shipping....

December 5, 2018 Update

Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for December 5, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order: SWIFT STRIPS from DeSantis – Most if not all of you are familiar with loading strips. Whether they are Speed Strips from Bianchi or...

October 23, 2018 Update

Dear fellow snub owners and noir aficionados: If you are new to our ImWithROSCOE shooters association, let me offer you a very brief introduction. Every day we continue to build our snub shooters’ association, expand our shooting related services, work on our biannual...