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What is I’m With ROSCOE?

ImWithROSCOE is a noir-themed snub revolver association created to bring together; shooters, researchers, writers, and associated businesses, in order to enhance and extend the sport of short barrel revolver shooting.

Our Goals

  1. Promote and support local snub-vs-snub shooting matches via local range programs.
  2. Host a public Facebook group, bi-weekly e-newsletter, and a bi-annual print newsletter covering topics of interest to snub shooters.
  3. Promote and schedule a yearly regional snub-vs-snub shooting match and concurrent conference.
  4. Support producers of snub-related products and offer member discounts on products and services.
  5. Develop and grow an association that supports and enhances our goals.
  6. Record, uncover and archive snub and revolver related materials of historic note developed during the heyday of the snub revolver (approx. 1920’s-to-1970’s).

Promotional Efforts

ROSCOE Staffers will conduct free, snub training workshops in support of our new member drives. These programs consist of 90-minutes lectures covering:

  1. Overview of discounted snub revolver materials and programs to ROSCOE participants.
  2. Review of aftermarket snub enhancement tools for optimum self-defense
  3. Review of primer-only propelled low-cost training ammo options.
  4. Introduction to custom built man-marking snub revolvers for force-on-force programs.
  5.  Overview and samples of print, electronic, and CD materials available to ROSCOE participants.