Dear Members,

We have just received this exciting opportunity to get your hands on a one of a kind customized m10!

Gotta make some room in the safes, so I’m clearing out a few items.

Presented for your inspection, one S&W Model 10 2” barrel – approx 1962.


This is a square butt rescue pistol I found in a pawn shop back in 2012. It was ugly, but internally really nice. It’s one of very first pistols I did a full custom job – all the things I do with a Chopper, except no barrel to chop.

Now it’s got a round butt, narrowed trigger guard, melt job on the frame, a nice radius on the trigger and of course, the hammer has been bobbed.

On top is an XS Dot sight, and it has Hideout stocks that have been fitted and stippled.

The internals have been tuned, and it’s got a crisp, smooth trigger.

The finish is gray parkerizing. The pistol had a lot of surface rust, so it looks a little pitted. I think this just adds to its character.

After building it in 2013 I test fired a few rounds through it, carried it for a couple of days, and then it went into the safe, where it’s been ever since. (Plus, I have another just like it that I’m about to build.)

Should this strike a chord, get with me asap – I don’t think it’s going to be around for long.

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