From our conception, the use of minimum numbers of rounds (generally a box of 50 .38’s) has been a foundation of our shooting matches. Unlike other shooting events, we were never predicated on firing a high quantity of rounds, but rather focused on performing dills with the various reloading tools that were common in the age when the snub was the hide-out self-defense weapon of choice. We were literally founded on recovering, retaining, and remembering the subtle gun handling skills that the shooters before us spent lifetimes uncovering while concurrently squeezing out every edge with the same fighting tools they either had access to or were issued.

Case in point, something as simple as asking when and where is there an advantage to choosing brass rounds over nickel cased rounds, or vise-a-versa? Let’s take a look at a few of the theories that your fellow ImWithROSCOE shooters employ when shooting the e-qualifier and formal IWR matches by addressing just this issue.

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