This is the finalized version of our ImWithROSCOE e-match and founding member Piece of the Action (POTA) patch. The official patch (due in only 14 days) will measure 3.67-inches in height and 4-inches in width. The Periwinkle Patch will be sent to each one of our founding 1000 members/supporters who made it possible to move ImWithROSCOE from an idea to an actual operation. And while we wait for these first patches to arrive we will be enthusiastically applying the members’ address stickers to the several hundred requisite envelopes including those to our always overworked but never under appreciated staffers, writers, and contributors. Please accept a HUGE Thank You to every IWR friend, supporter, and advocate for your membership, and for making possible all we have accomplished so far, and for giving us the momentum to move IWR into something much bigger in the near future. Truly gratefully yours, the whole of the IWR staff.