ImWithROSCOE is thrilled to welcome our newest overseas writer-contributor, Mr. Hristofor Grozev.

Mr. Grozev loves firearms and history, has been a reenactor, shooter, and collector of the historical weapons for eight years, and practices IPSC shooting with a Berretta 92 F.

He tells us that in his country gun control is very restrictive and few people are free to participate in shooting sports or to own weapons. Fortunately, his profession grants him some limited opportunities to do both.

Hristofor offered to provide IWR readers with some insights into the types of revolvers used in; the Russian-Turkish war between 1877 and 1878, in Bulgaria during the 19th and 20th century, as well as the revolvers in his country from WWI to WWII.

Closer to home, he offered to let us know what kind revolvers are available and preferred by those among his country’s citizens who have a gun-license. We will be looking forward to his photos and video clips of the handgun competitions in Bulgaria. We understand that there are several pistol teams of note in every large (district) town.

Welcome aboard Hristofor and welcome to the I’m With ROSCOE association!