Dear Fellow ImWithROSCOE shooters: A quick update on three projects that need to work both in concert, and subsequently need to come together at the same time; Our updated e-match directions, Our e-match Scoreboard, And our e-match Piece of the Action patches. In no particular order:

First, we have fifteen fellow members and shooters, all with a wide range of shooting experiences, testing the e-match directions, and the feedback we have been getting has been very encouraging. The latest e-match directions, Version 3.2, are nearly identical to the Version 3.1. but with four small word changes. The new 3.2 Version is currently up on the ROSCOE webpage. If you have already printed the 3.1 Version you should find it is close enough to the new version that you won’t have to re-print the updated set in order to participate in the e-match qualifier.

Second, our IT Enforcer is working on several e-match score management options. As noted elsewhere you should be able to plug in each individual stage score into the ROSCOE e-match Scoreboard. Subsequently, your individual standing for each separate stage as well as your overall (total seven-stage score) e-match standing will become visible on the page in short order.

Third, we requested that the patch production company make a small addition to the Piece of the Action patch. This is the patch you will receive when you have posted all seven scores from our e-match qualifier on the ROSCOE web page. The updated patch order will go in on Monday morning, June 15, 2020, and the patch company tells us the first 100 patches will be delivered to us within three or four weeks. We will keep every member who posts on the Scoreboard updated and will notify you when the patches arrive, and when they have been packed and are being posted to the participants.

A few notes on posting on the blog. Every ImWithROSCOE member is invited to post videos of their performance on each of the seven stages of the e-match qualifier.  We do ask for two considerations. Please keep the video posts under one minute in length. In the future, our IT Enforcer will be able to use the editing programs on this end to help polish the posted videos. But in the interim, if possible, keep the video clips short. Second, to the extent possible, please remember to shoot with either your fedora or Panama, your tie, or both on. We are always looking to stand out for every other shooting association, and we’ll award you extra points for style.

Thank you for your membership, for your support of our growing efforts, and as always, shoot safe and dress sharp. Yours, Michael de Bethencourt