John M. asked two great questions regarding getting his Piece of the Action e-match qualifier patch. He asked: 1) Do you have to shoot all 7 drills to get the patch or can you qualify with just the ones you can shoot with the equipment on hand. [and] 2) Are times necessary?

Re., question #1(a), Yes, members have to shoot all seven stages and post the info up on the Scoreboard to get a patch posted, but missing gear (like the dump pouch, loop carrier, and 2x2x2 pouch) can be jury-rigged with a small plastic cup, and an empty box of .38 ammunition. Also in the interest of being honest, it’s about their integrity too. If they made up the information, how would we know? On the other hand, why kill the fun by making up the information? Re., question #1(b), Members are always welcomed to post partial scores up on the Scoreboard, but our IT Enforcer tells us they won’t be visible until all seven are posted.

Re., question #2, No, times are not required. We suspected that a number of the members don’t have, or don’t have access to PACT timers. Plus slow and safe shooting is better than risking fast, unsafe shooting.

There is one item you didn’t note but I’ll post it here. 3) Shooters must be ImWithROSCOE members to get on the web page to both download the e-match directions and target, and to subsequently get on the web page to post their scores.

On a related item, 4) Members are invited to post short video clips of any single stage they shoot, on the blog, Facebook, or both. Two prerequisites for posting the videos. First, video clips of the e-match stage you are shooting need to run one minute or shorter, and second, if at all possible, please wear an appropriate hat, tie, or both.

Visit the eMatch page to get started!