Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for February 24, 2019:

Holdup with Camp’s Shooters Guide to the Airweight J-Frame– As you may remember from our last e-newsletter we have a special running of Stephen Camps’ J-frame text. Unexpectedly, Mr. Camp’s widow’s binder machine broke and the orders have been delayed. We are told that the new binder machine is on the way and that Mrs. Camp with be attending to the new copies as soon as it arrives. We will keep everyone appraised and the situation moves forward and we will see to it that everyone who orders a copy before March 1 will receive the February discount rate. Thank you for your patience. You can order here.

Moving Bird’s Book sale to April – Chris Bird’s The Concealed Handgun Manual (Seventh Edition) will be available at the start of April or until we clear up the back orders on Camp’s J-frame text and the remaining back-orders on FBI Agent Ed Mireles (Ret.,) book FBI Miami Firefight. We will not be accepting any orders before April on Mr. Bird’s new text.

1 of 100 Flask update – As many of you know we have started to ship the new flasks from Sheffield, UK. We are thrilled with the quality of these flasks over the (mercifully) short-lived examples from China. We are already working on our second batch of flasks, which will include a new rendition of the I’m With ROSCOE logo drawn by Lorin Michki. If you got one of the early flasks, hold onto them as there will never be another set like these! We have limited stock, so get yours today here!

List of recommended Gunsmiths and Revolver Classes – Two new services we are organizing include a calendar schedule of pending revolver training programs and well as a list of recommended revolver gunsmiths. We have access to many nationally known revolver instructors and gunsmiths, all have been contacted about schedules and referrals. This information will be listed on our ImWithROSCOE web page. If you have either the names of gunsmiths you want us to include or if you know of any revolver related classes and/or matches worth sharing with us, please forward the information to us at Jason@ImWithROSCOE.

Pending Spring ROSCOE range shoots – We have been invited to present four ROSCOE shooting events starting in the Spring. Two in New England, and two in Florida. If you have an interest in working with us and scheduling a ROSCOE shoot in your area outdoor range, please let us know. We can currently schedule a shoot at any New England range for as few as three shooters. As always swag bags and range prizes are available to every shooter who attends. For additional information contact

As always, please remember to post snub related items on our Facebook page, and to invite your fellow snub shooter to sign on too.
– The whole ImWithROSCOE Staff.