Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for December 5, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order:

SWIFT STRIPS from DeSantis – Most if not all of you are familiar with loading strips. Whether they are Speed Strips from Bianchi or Quick Strips from TUPP Products. Recently we learned of a new six-round .38/.357 version from DeSantis labeled Swift Strips that feature “a flexible polymer material.” As earlier with our readers’ review program and the RIPCORD seed loaders, we are looking for five to seven ImWithROSCOE members willing to take a pair of these Swift Strips out for a test and report back with a short 400-to-500 word review. Ideally, the reviewers should own both Speed Strips and Quick strips for comparison, but this is not a prerequisite. Interested members can e-mail me their address and I will forward to them a pair of Swift Strips for review.

New, Updated Monographs – Nick Walker, our ImWithROSCOE print editor and Dillard Morrison, our in-house paparazzo, are completing up the updated copies of our 38 Tips for Better Snub Shooting. The new material, new fonts, and new photos should be ready for your Christmas stocking. Along with our updated snub tips monograph, the folks at ImWithROSCOE are elbow deep in working of a new monograph covering essentials for safe snub handling for new shooters. The majority of ImWithROSCOE staffers and writers are supplying their considerable talent to this project and we hope it will be as well received as our earlier monograph.

Interactive Snub Research – Having lamented since our inception that attending range practice with every member spread across the US and overseas is impractical, our IT Enforcer Jason has started reconfiguring our web page. Every other month we will supply a suggested snub training drill with a matching PDP print out. Members will be encouraged to head to their local range and shoot the suggested drills, and record their results. They can then upload the results via the web page and help produce a national database on snub skills with matching graphics.

Closing (and Random) Items – After three quarters of a year’s worth of work, we finally secured a reliable source for our members flasks. Our new, English manufactured flasks are in production, and we expect to have them in short order. Better caps, thicker walls, and not stamped stainless steel. If all goes as planned, they will feature our IWR logo on the front, courtesy of Lorin Michki. Member who would prefer to abstain from collecting their member’s flask are welcome to have their paid membership extended for an additional year.  Complete information to follow.

Members Benefits – Currently we have over twenty manufactures and suppliers of various revolver related items willing to offer out members a discount on their products. Additionally, our IT Enforcer will have our new, members only sales and exchange page up on the web site in short order.

Winter’s ROSCOE Broadside – The winter issue of the ROSCOE Broadside was posted out earlier this week. If you did not receive your issue, please e-mail us at

As always, please remember to post snub related items on our Facebook page, and to invite your fellow snub shooter to sign on too.
– The whole ImWithROSCOE Staff.