Dear fellow snub owners and noir aficionados: If you are new to our ImWithROSCOE shooters association, let me offer you a very brief introduction. Every day we continue to build our snub shooters’ association, expand our shooting related services, work on our biannual print newsletter and conduct snub shooting research projects. We keep track of these various developments through our (mostly) twice-a-month e-newsletter. This newsletter helps us keep both our members and people who aren’t members yet informed regarding all our ongoing projects. Today’s e-newsletter will reach three hundred additional snub supporters. Access to this material is free. We hope you will enjoy the material, and that you will also enjoy participating as our snub shooters’ association grows. As always, your thoughts, suggestions and corrections are always welcomed and you are invited to send your feedback to us at

Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for October 23, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order:

ROSCOE Range Training Tip #1 Results –I’ve noted this before, but loading strips are not a substitute for speed loaders, they are a tool to manage loose rounds. In that vein, this week’s do-it-yourself interactive snub-data development exercise requires you to test three loose round reloading options. Test 1: Two loose rounds in the front pocket. Test 2: Two rounds set side-by-side in a loading strip. Test 3: Two rounds set in a loading strip divided by a single open space. At the PACT timer signal; draw, load, and shoot the two rounds and record the total time(s). Repeat three times for each of the three tests and report your times from all nine exercise. We will post the results on the ImWithROSCOE web page.

Retro Snub and New Flat Latches – We ran into a small snag with our effort to reproduce the classic “flat-latch” for the S&W J- and K-frame snubs. It turns out the original flat latch used a different nut style than the current J- and K-frame revolvers. Additionally, the older latched nut featured a different dimension. Not to be deterred, we will continue to look into reproducing the style of the cylinder release flat-latch but we will build it to accept the current standard mounting nut. Additional news to follow.

Kimber, JOX Loaders, and 5-Star – It took a little back-door diplomacy, but we finally secured a set of Kimber’s proprietary 5-Star speed loaders. We will have a review of the new Kimber snub, the Kimber/5-Star speed loaders and the JOX loading pouches in our third ROSCOE Broadside newsletter.

The ROSCOE Broadside – Speaking of which, Nick Walker, our Editor/Publisher finished our second issue and it is currently at the printers. Your next issue should be snail-mailing its way to you within the fortnight.

Hammer Shrouds Updated – We are nearing completion of our re-introduced Colt hammer shrouds, and you can see the 3-D computer elements on the ImWithROSCOE web page. Bob at Templar Custom Arms assures us we are tantalizingly close to completion.

Flasks and Zippo Lighters – Like the undead, the issue of our members’ only flasks refuses to die. We currently have three flask related items for our members. We have the nearly un-usable flasks from our original Chinese suppliers. These remain free to all our members. But we now have UK crafted pewter flasks for only a small mark up over the cost of the Chinese flasks. And now we have a limited run of Zippo cigarette lighters, also available for a small markup over the cost of our Chinese flasks. All three items will feature the ImWithROSCOE logo. Additional information and artwork will be posted in next week’s e-newsletter.

Ed Lovette’s Snubby Book Update – Many of our members have noted that Ed Lovette’s Snubby Book is currently pricing out used on the internet for over $40.00. Ed and Nick Walker are hard at work re-vamping the text and we will be making it available to our members in short order. The book will also feature all-new photography.

That is it for All The News That Fits for this week. Please remember to post snub related items on our Facebook page, and to invite your fellow snub shooter to join us on Facebook.

Bobby MacEachern & Michael de Bethencourt