Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for August 26, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order:

Flat Latch Project – We have several snub revolver projects concurrently running. These include a hammer shroud, a polymer boot grip style set of stocks, and a reworking of the classic DADE speed loader. We are adding to these a reintroduction of the original First Pattern flat-latch style cylinder release for the J-frame revolvers. These were the original latches offered with the J-frame snubs in the 1950’s.

New Writers on Board – Adam Kasanof, Former NYC PD Lieutenant, attorney, and gunfight survivor, and Chris Bird, Author of a half dozen books including Thank God I Had a Gun have both agreed to join our team of ImWithROSCOE’s print newsletter snub revolver writers.

Basic Gun Safety Training for New Snub Owners – Mind baffling though it may be, the NRA has dropped the safe handling of the revolver from nearly all of its training programs. The results show up in many of our snub workshops and shooting matches. The situation has become so acute that we have been forced to create a basic safe snub handling pre-match confirmation review for the shooters at the events. Concurrently, many of the ImWithROSCOE staff are working together to build a new snub owners’ essential snub safety course program. The test class ran 6-hours and 50-rounds and we learned a great deal from the effort. We are looking to offer it on a set schedule at $84 for non-members and $40.00 for any current ImWithROSCOE member or his/her family member.

Loss of our Force-on-Force program? – One of the rarer services ImWithROSCOE was able to offer its members was a force on force program with man marking (MM) rounds and permanently converted .38 revolvers. The only weak link in the supply chain was our dependence on UTM marking rounds. Unlike other MM rounds, UTM rounds offered a multitude of safety and performance advantages. Regrettably the price per case recently reached $1300.00, with a four-case minimum. We will continue to offer the FoF program while our current ammunition supply lasts, and we are actively looking to find another option for ammunition. But we will continue to offer the program only if the safety advantages of the UTM rounds can be maintained.

A Few General Notes – Andy Stanford of OPS fame has finished his corrections to our Lorin Michki designed snub match target, and we are awaiting the updated target’s arrival. Andy has also graciously agreed to help us with the planning of the 2019 ImWithROSCOE Snubby Summit. We continue to attract new business and manufacturing sponsors, most recently Buffalo Bore ammunition. Please be sure to check the website for the updated list of sponsors and their ImWithROSCOE member’s discount offers. And as always, if you know of a regional gun club you would like us to approach and offer either a free snub workshop or an ImWithROSCOE snub match, please e-mail us at

That’s it for All The News That Fits for this week. If you have any snub related items you wish to share, please post them on our Facebook page. And please be sure to invite your fellow snub shooter to join us on Facebook and at our new automated e-mail address.
– The ImWithROSCOE staff