Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for August 5, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order:

Cape Ann Sportsman Clup’s ImWithROSCOE workshop a success. – The Cape Ann Sportsman Clup’s (MA) hosted our 3-hour skills workshop and demo shoot on Saturday, July 21. Leonard Presutti, ImWithROSCOE and Cape Ann Sportsman members shepherded the effort through to success. We picked up several new members, and a new host range for the Fall. We also proposed two new ImWithROSCOE programs including a low-cost Introduction to ROSCOE safe gun handling program. (See below)

Introduction to ROSCOE safe gun handling program. – Following several recent ImWithROSCOE introductory workshops, it became evident that a number of our new members are shooters literally straight from the gun shop with their new snub. We certainly want to encourage the membership of these new snub owners, while we promote safe gun handling. Many for these shooters reported that the minimal gun safety courses they required for their CCW/LTC permits glossed over (at best) the mechanics of revolver shooting. Others had some difficulty translating the basics of pistol work to revolver handling. During the course of the week we will work up a template for basic snub handling and manipulations, along with a short overview of the basic tools required for ImWithROSCOE shooting events. We will send a copy to every member via e-mail for thoughts, reactions, corrections, and suggestions.
FBI Miami Firefight Text Update – Our first book discount sale has ended and wonder-of-wonders was a complete success. Our copies from Special Agent Ed Mireles (Ret.) came in some weeks ago and many went out the same day. If you made a request for a copy, and wish your text to go out as quickly as possible, please forward a check to ImWithROSCOE/FBI Book, care of 7 Mohawk Drive, Acton, MA 01720. The final cost for the text and shipping is $12.00 (reduced for $20.00.) Any unpaid copies remaining after August 31 will be made available to the general membership on a first come – first go system.
New Sponsor Update – As our membership grows so does our ease in recruiting new business sponsors. Our latest sponsor, TUFF Products has agreed to make a number of their revolver related products available to our members at a discount. A complete list of their products and the quantity of the discount will be available on the ImWithROSCOE website in short order. Jason, our IT enforcer, is working with the TUFF Staff (and several other folks) to integrate the discount program offers directly into the links from our web site to our sponsors’ web site. These discounts will available to all our ImWithROSCOE members, writers, and staffers.
That’s it for All The News That Fits for this week. If you have any snub related items you wish to share, please post them on our Facebook page. And please be sure to invite your fellow snub shooter to join us on Facebook and at our new automated e-mail address.  – The ImWithROSCOE staff