Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for June 15, 2018. As always, in no particular order:

ImWithROSCOE e-mail sign up – This may sound like a bit of circular logic but bear with us. The e-mail sign-up list for the ImWithROSCOE electronic newsletters has been automated. You might ask why you should need, or even want, to sign up at the electronic site for something you’re already getting. Well you shouldn’t. But you might have a friend who is also a snub shooter. And he or she might like to be part of ImWithROSCOE. Just as importantly, we have small but growing list of revolver material suppliers who are offering our members discounts on their products and services. As our membership grows, so too does our ability to draw in additional suppliers willing to offer additional discounts to our members. So… if you do have snub shooters on your e-mail contact list, consider encouraging them to head over and sign-up. The larger we grow, the more we can offer. The electronic sign-up address is:

FBI Miami Firefight – This is a reminder from our last e-mail note from two weeks ago. If you would like a copy of Ed Mireles’ FBI Miami Firefight, we need your order in by June 30. E-mail us and let us know you wish a copy, and we’ll get the final numbers over to S.A. Mireles (Ret.) Once the texts come in, we’ll let you know, and you can mail in or PayPal in your $10.00. To recap: Edmundo Mireles Jr., the most famous FBI hero/survivor of the infamous FBI/Miami gunfight has written a book on the incident. And what a page turner! Nearly everything we know about this fight comes only from men who spoke with the survivors. Here is the opportunity to get the information directly from the man who brought it to an end. As soon as we heard that this text was available, we reached out to Ed. Special Agent Mireles (Ret.) was kind enough to offer ImWithROSCOE members a price of $10.00 vs., his usual $15.00-to-$20.00 per text. Members interested in a copy can contact us directly at info@ImWithROSCOE.