Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for May 11, 2018, and as always, it is in no particular order:

The Final Flask – Part III – As the never-ending saga of the member’s flask continues, we are beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. We spoke with the English manufacturer, and have samples heading over from the Sheffield Pewter Craft Company in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. We feel confident that we will finally put the plastic hinge cap trouble behind us.  The folks on that end are also reviewing the artwork we sent to them, and once we get a confirmation that the art can be applied to the available flasks, we will be good to go.

ImWithROSCOE Tee shirts – Several of our members have (repeatedly) asked about getting tee shirts with the ImWithROSCOE logo in time for the summer. We have not put any effort into getting anything started on that subject as we are trying to put the work into scheduling range events, and planning additional free, snub shooting workshops.  Well, several of the in-house staffers have decided to take the task on themselves. As a result, we are going kill two birds with one stone. Any New England based member who would like to host a free, three-hour shooter snub workshop will receive an ImWithROSCOE tee shirt for their effort. Snub workshops require only three shooters, only one of which is required to be an ImWithROSCOE member. Contact Michael at for complete information.
Colt Hammer Shroud update  A short time ago, we started working with Templar Arms in Ohio on reproducing classic Colt hammer shrouds. We are nearing completion on the first, one hundred milled copies from aluminum billets. We currently have a backlog of requests for these shrouds. Just a note, all profits from these shrouds will be used to promote ImWithROSCOE programs.

Range Date and Location Update – Several members have noted that scheduled ImWithROSCOE shooting events have not been posted up on the ImWithROSCOE web page. The majority of the area clubs that have to date agreed to host either three-hour free, snub workshops or four-hour ROSCOE shooting events have requested that initial shooting events be limited to their members. Subsequently, in order to avoid confusion over the restricted access to the ranges, the decision was made to avoid posting the events on the web page. That will no longer be the case. Future range dates, limited access or not, will be posted on the ImWithROSCOE web page.

The Usuall Suspects – We are again looking for submissions for the fall 2018 print newsletter issue for the ROSCOE Broadside. Any snub related topic of interest between 500 to 1000 words will be welcomed. Please remember to post snub related items on our Facebook page, and to invite your fellow snub shooter to sign on too.

Bobby McEachern & Michael de Bethencourt