Dear Fellow Snub Shooters: Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for June 3, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order:

ImWithROSCOE Targets – Our in-house art master, Lorin Michki put in some time on our dedicated ImWithROSCOE targets. The foundation of the target is standard IDPA sized and shaped cardboard. This gives us the option of using the widest number of target stands at the majority of the host ranges’ shooting bays. The image will be printed on one side and follows as close as possible to being as anatomically correct as the dimensions will permit. The reverse of the target displays the three scoring areas. The high value target areas are based on the research of Andy Stanford. The reduced scoring perimeter is based on the work of Ralph Mroz. The images themselves feature variations on two classis noir themed movie poster antagonists, one male and one female.

FBI Miami Firefight – Edmundo Mireles Jr. The most famous FBI hero/survivor of the infamous FBI/Miami gunfight has written a bock on the incident. And what a page turner! Nearly everything we know about this fight comes only from men who spoke with the survivors. Here is the opportunity to get the information directly for the man who brought it to an end. As soon as we heard that this text was available, we reached out to him. Special Agent Mireles (Ret.) was kind enough to offer ImWithROSCOE members a price of $10.00 vs., his usual $15.00-to-$20.00 per text. Members interested in a copy can contact us directly at info@ImWithROSCOE.
Leather Belt slides – Over the last few months we have run several ImWithROSCOE workshops and shooting days. At all these events, we have tried to provide all the required equipment for the new shooters, but our supply of belt loop slides and 2x2x2 pouches is very limited. Recently we ran across Mike “Doc” Barranti of Barranti Leather. Doc is currently working up a number of 4-, 5-, and 6-round .38/.357 belt slides for use in our shooting events. We will be looking forward to offering these belt slides to our members at a notable discount.
Ongoing items – Chaffe Riley continues to work on our ImWithROSCOE shooter’s guide with all the rules, targets, and drills for the outpost ranges. Nick Walker secured two new fonts, and we are currently integrating them into our web site, print newsletter, and related materials. Jason Chandonnet is working around the clock to integrate the new member print applications with the electronic applications so that addresses system for our print materials and electronic materials all reach their intended targets.

That is it for All The News That Fits for this week. Please remember that if you live in any of the New England states, and would like to have us present a free, 2-hour\ snub skills workshop or a 3-hour snub shooting program at your club, contact us at If you have any snub related items of note, please post them on our Facebook page. And please be sure to invite your fellow snub shooter to join us on Facebook.

Bobby McEachern & Michael de Bethencourt