Here are the latest updates from our ROSCOE snub shooters association for April 14, 2018. As always, it is in no particular order:

New Writer – Jim Finnerty is a nationally known reloading educator, and the owner of where he conducts a monthly clinic entitled How to Own a Gun in Massachusetts. Jim has agreed to contribute to our biannual ROSCOE Broadside print newsletter. He will start us off with a step-by-step primer on .38 ammunition reloading beginning with our next issue. Welcome aboard Jim.

New Writer – Part Deux – Chaffe Riley is a nationally known revolver blogger and chief writer behind He is a competitive revolver shooter in multiple disciplines, and the driving force behind the resurgence of ICORE in his home state of Texas.  Chaffe is currently heading the ImWithROSCOE outpost in Texas, and is also drafting the manual for the rules, targets, drills, and membership guidelines for all ImWithROSCOE outposts nationally. Welcome aboard Chaffe.
New Fonts on the Horizon – Miss Sheryn Reid of Sheryn Reid Designs in VA is currently on assignment tracking down the new, ImWithROSCOE fonts. As you may remember from our last e-newsletter, our print editor, Nick Walker, had located two exceptional noir themed fonts, lifted from some decade old revolver ads. Multiple efforts to identify the specific font style failed to turn up anything. Miss Reid agreed to take over the search, with the understanding that if we failed to locate an open source for the fonts, she would design a new font exclusively for ImWithROSCOE.

The ROSCOE Broadside – And speaking of Nick Walker, our chief editor/publisher of all things yellow journalism has completed our first print ROSCOE Broadside newsletter. It is currently in the hands of two separate printing companies for a test run. Once the samples from both companies are complete, the first issue will be posted to all the ImWithROSCOE members.

ImWithROSCOE Workshop Scheduled
The members of the Shirley Rod and Gun club in Shirley, MA have offered to host a two-hour ImWithROSCOE workshop and shoot. The Event will be held at the club located at Kittridge Road, in Shirley, MA on May 5, at 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. ImWithROSCOE members who wish to participate or volunteer should contact us at Every shooter will require 50 rounds of .38, a snub revolver, and the standard set of safety gear. All other materials will be supplied.
That is it for All The News That Fits for this week. Please remember to post snub related items on our Facebook page, and to invite your fellow snub shooter to join us on Facebook.

Bobby MacEachern & Michael de Bethencourt