Over the last few weeks we have been experimenting with several balloon dueling trees for use in the snub classes. The nylon posts that holds the electric wire up and for building the fences work great. Each posts come with four or more sturdy integrated clips for setting the fences wire in and are ideal for holding the balloons, one on either side. The only failing is that the balloons are a one hit and done proposition. An improved idea was to replace the balloons with drum set cymbals. The first test did not work out as well as could be hoped for but with a little help from the area drum and music store we have something that is working out nicely. The test target has three cymbals measuring 14-, 12-, and 10-inch in diameter running up the post Christmas tree fashion. The cymbals we are testing are thick but cracked and while they are of no value to drummer are ideal for out uses. The damaged cymbals are half the cost of new cymbals and they make a great racket when hit with the .177 caliber .38 conversion Convert-A-Pel rounds. I should have the bugs worked out of the stand in time for a test class scheduled for Saturday September 16. As always if you are within striking distance of Acton, MA and would like to test out out cymbal targets, our balloon dueling tree, or test out our force-on-force snubs send me an e-mail and I’ll forward you all the time and location information.