Dear R-

I hope this note finds you well

You asked for a front sight improvement idea for the fixed blade in the 638 Bodyguard J-frame.

It is a good question because it is a tough one. As you know there are many options for replacing pin on sites and even a few for the fixed front site but most require modification to the rear site as well. Unfortunately the Bodyguard’s shape does not lend itself to many successful rear site retrofits.

Bowen used to offer an amazing front site J-frame replacement service but has dropped it. They currently recommencement front site work be sent to Cylinder and Slide. C&S might be able to dovetail in a front site that is not the standard XS site if that is what you are looking for.

You can also look into D&L Sites – They are first rate if you have either an adjustable sited J-frame (for the nearly drop in parts) or the fixed site J-frame if you can send the gun in for the milling.

Regarding the CTC laser – A laser is often a very nice add-on. I have always been partial to CTC’s 205 laser (discontinued but available used on e-bay) over the still available CTC 105. CTC also intruded the new DS Defender serious serious laser stocks. I have not put my hands on one yet but IF it features a solid plastic body rather that another soft ruber body it might have great value.

If and when I get any better info on improving the front site on the 638 et al I will let you know.

Stay well and good shooting,

Yours, Michael