I received a nice set of questions from a fellow snub owner. I thought the exchange might be worth sharing so here it is:

Dear R-

Thank you for your interest regarding snub carry and concealment.

I generally wear two snubs and because I live in four season New England the “where to hide” issue comes up again about every ninety days.

Nearly year round I wear a light weight snub on the ankle. Generally I can conceal a snub on the ankle regardless of the weather if I buy the right pant style and pant with the right leg length.  The common exception to ankle carry is if you go to funerals and/or church on Sundays. If the service and/or your faith requires you to kneel you may need to move the gun ahead of time.

For three seasons out of four my second snub is in the waist band generally at the appendix position. More often than not with a Barami Hip Grip and a either a Tyler of a BK grip adapter. If I am using an appendix positioned holster it is general one of BobMacs holsters.

At work it will generally be carrying the snub on the strong side hip also in a BobMacs holster. I recently switched over from his DB-S to his SSO. If Bobby ever offers a SSO with a safety strap I will immediately buy one with that feature.

Having lost the extra safety of the security strap I am currently looking forward to shipping a pair of m12 snubs to Tarnhelm Supply. I hope to have one fitted with a Magna-Trigger gun safety and the other with a Murabito gun safety.

When concealing the snub I will generally dress around the gun with a shirt and/or a pull-over cut to be worn un-tucked. When wearing an overcoat or jacket the coats I own generally feature a large slash pocked that will let me access the snubs and draw them cleanly without needing to unzip or unbutton the coat first.

I generally never use a pocket carry. On those very, very rare days when I do I carry the snub in custom cut pants featuring 50% deeper pockets and extra wide pocket top. I have several K and S 2-in-1 pocket holsters that were made with an extra tall outline breakup shields. Regrettably K and S are no longer in business.

It is not a perfect system (yet) but it has works for about 25-years.

I hope this helped a little.

Thank you again for the interest. If I missed anything please feel free to call or e-mail.

Yours, Michael