For too many months now I have noticed a serious up-tick in shooters coming to the snub classes wearing either BobMacs’ MCS or SSO holsters. This despite my continuing advocacy for the DB-1. I have an early SSO from BobMac but I never gave it a fair shake. Why should I? I had very serviceable DB-1 (class holster) that I helped design and a DB-S (work holster) that Bobby refined and added a safety strap too. None-the-less the number of MCS and SSO wearers kept growing. So despite my extensive Luddite training I started wearing the SSO, first in class then at work. After two months of test driving it has replaced my love for the DB-1 like Brad Pitt replaced  Jennifer Anderson. Bobby tried to tell me but I wouldn’t listen. So with a fresh plate of crow in front of me I would like to say: “Damn you BobMacs, Damn you.”


SSO  holster for K-frame

holster for K-frame