Like many other mass produced products handguns in general and snub revolvers in particular are designed to be all things to all possible owners.  No manufacture can know which individual gun he produces will be used by the buyer as a sportsmen’s kit gun, a target shooter’s range training tool, an armed citizen’s deep concealment weapon or a collector’s investment piece. Subsequently every snub makers need to produce products that will meet a minimal functioning standard for every possible use category. Unfortunately we (self-defense gun owners) are left with a product that often fails to possess those minimum features necessary on a basic self-defense snub revolver. Fortunately with just a few dollars and a little after market attention the snub’s owner can produce for himself a practical task specific (self-defense) snub.  

Among the very basic modifications we are going to look at there are the necessary gunsmithing options. Though the available gunsmithing options themselves are nearly limitless,  minimum self-defense snub modifications are limited to only four basic items; the shrouded hammer, improved sights, a double action only (DAO) trigger and, a chamfered the cylinder. We will look at each in some detail in the upcoming blog posts.