JS Holster's Zulu-7

While on a hunt for a practical inside-the-waist band (IWB) holster I lucked upon the JS Holster web site. While not normally a fan of Kydex I was taken with the practical design of their Zulu-7 holster. After a review of their web site material I made a phone call to Jason Sharf, the sales half of the JS team. I discovered you don’t order a JS holster as much as you get interviewed for it. After explaining what I was looking for Jason peppered me with questions about my gun, my preferred carry cant, the expected level of retention, common features I anticipated, and my usual gun belt width. After gathering this information he said they could make what I wanted. Six days later it arrived. The Zule-7 is a one-piece IWB Kydex holster. It incorporates a C-hook that rides over both the top of the waist band and the gun belt.   Their C-hook features an unusual concave curve facing away from the natural curve of the body. This ensures maximum retention against the belt and minimum chance of the holster shifting forward or rearward along the waist line. The trailing edge of the C-hook also features a shallow half-moon cutout for your finger to aid in the removal of the holster. The holster comes standard with a straight drop (0°-cant) which is what I wanted but it is available in a wide range of cant angles as well as seating depths. On my particular holster I requested a sweat guard incorporated on the inboard side. This not only protects the finish of the weapon from sweat but also preventing shirt tails (and love handles) from getting pinched during re-holstering. The Zulu-7 does not feature any retention screws. Molding the holster to the weapon’s specific frame shape ensure that there was nothing to come loose. Per my request the retention level was “factory set” at moderate. I found that the supplied retention level was ideal. This degree of retention is light enough for rapid drawing but not so loose as to risk losing the gun during strenuous activity. I found that the comfort level was much more that I would have expected from an IWB Kydex holster, but this may be due to the pleasure of having all the extras available as standard features. The Zulu-7 is one of my favorite holsters for cold weather carry under several layers of cover garments.