Bobby McEachern, owner of is a custom maker focused on snub holsters and spare ammunition carriers. McEachern brought something amazing to the snub holster designs, a willingness to ask questions of the end users. Rather than trying to reinvent the wheel he went out and contacted the country’s best known snub trainers and EQC (extreme close quarter) fight instructors and asked them what they wanted in a practical fighting holster. McEachern quickly identified the must have features and separated them out from the commonly offered but not necessarily important elements. Bobby then builds hand crafted versions of the instructors’ requested designs. Working with the instructors’ wish lists he would sent the prototypes to the trainers for reactions, suggestions and corrections. The results were holsters that many of these practical firearm trainers had only been dreaming of. Once the professional were happy with the prototypes Bobby began offering these same models to the shooting public. After Bobby went through the top trainers he even executed two designs for me. The first was a security holster for my housing authority police work and the second was a very unconventional half-paddle half-belt slotted model for my snub class programs and idea testing. Both functioned like a dream and boasted every feature I had ever hoped for.

Bobby continues to improve and refine his snub holster design. I have seen several of his soon to be released designs. These are further joint collaboration requested by still additional instructors and trainers many of whom I have personally trained under. I can say that the shooting public is going to continue to get great things from McEachern’s workshop.