Rhino revolver

Every few months someone is kind enough to ask about my thoughts on the Rhino revolver. While it is an interesting item I think that it is a firearm design that asks more questions than it answers. Most importantly: What is its job?

Is it a conceal carry weapon? If so you can’t conceal it as easily as even a “bob hammered” large frame revolver.

Is it a hip carry weapon? If so it has no noticeable size or a weight advantage over either a conventional revolver or an auto-pistol.

Is it a home defense weapon? If so it has an awful grip shape-to-barrel shape styling that makes weapon retention difficult and disarming easy

It does reduce recoil but because the trigger weight gets lighter the longer you are on the trigger seems like a *huge* court liability flaw.

I would be the last to criticized a snub design but I think I will wait for e J-frame (or even a D-frame) sized freak front that kicks out the individual spend rounds.