One of our readers has a new (to him) snub and asked: “[W]hat do you consider ‘better ammo’ for training? I though I would share my thoughts with you.

Dear VS:Ouch! – Tough question. The best ammo for training will depend to some measure on you and your shooting skills.Rather than recommend some specific ammo to start out on let me suggest instead that you start with building a basic shooting log. This should be easy if your new snub is your first snub.Start by marking a black cross through a blank 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper and set it at 5- 10- and 15-feet, etc.,Fire off (slowly) a cylinder’s worth of ammo at the center of the “cross” and then note on the target the distance, ammo and gun.Slip the shot-up target into a clear plastic page protector, put the page protector into a binder and keep those records.You will be able to track the ammo (and your own) performance easily.As your shooting skill improves try re-shooting the same ammo out of the same gun at the same distances. The info from this shooting log will also be a good way to observe your own skill developments.I keep a log on every snub and the ammo that I shoot with it. Every gun has it preferences and you can’t talk the gun out of what it likes.By way of example I have a back-up Colt the hates (!) semi-wad cutter hollow point lead (SWC-HP) but loves jacketed hollow point (!?!?)Now that you are considering a shooting log lets get back to your ammo question. I would start with a factory loaded (never, never, ever load with “re-loads”) wad cutter (maybe 150 gr) and then work up through ball ammo (maybe 130 gr) then semi-wad cutter lead hollow points (maybe 158 gr) then if you master everything noted before try +p .38 (again never, never, ever load with +p+ loads”)Remember to start near to the target and then work out slowly. We build great skills moving “From success, to success.” and this will help you build confidence in your self defense shooting skills.I hope that helps a little.If I missed anything feel free to give me a call.Yours,Michae978-667-5591