Taurus small frame snub

Taurus was once derided as the poor man’s Smith and Wesson. Then following a few decades of practice Taurus started putting out snub revolvers that were the equal to any on the market and subsequently started giving the folks in Springfield a run for their money.  While some of their less popular models still occasionally require regular return trips to the factory for repairs this is generally the exception rather than the rule.  Of their popular short barreled five- and six-shot revolvers models, many have been known to perform well when required to.


Now every product has its faults and Taurus snubs are no exception. Many Taurus revolver triggers faces are nearly three times the width required on a practical self-defense gun. Fortunately almost any competent gunsmith can correct this fault with a few minutes of grinding work. Something not so quickly corrected is Taurus’ decision to install internal locks in their self-defense weapons and then burying a weapon lock inside the hammers of their revolvers. The Taurus hammer lock development might have been easily corrected had they not at the same time moved the firing pin off the nose of the revolver’s hammer and relocated it inside the weapon’s frame. Sadly this prevents Taurus owners’ from replacing the lockable hammer with the older style pre-lock hammer that are occasionally available from the various gun parts companies. It is worth noting though that while the hammer mounted lock is less prone to malfunction than other makers internal locks they too also occasionally malfunction, at generally at the most inopportune moments. Hopefully Taurus will eventually make available an after-market lock-free hammer that will fit their current revolver models. Despite these criticisms I find that some select Taurus revolvers can be reliable self-defense choices. I have an ancient Taurus that my father purchased decades ago and its workmanship is exceptional. Its accuracy is amazing and I regularly used it put other, newer revolvers to shame. I live in hope that a company that once produced a weapon of this level of quality and workmanship is certainly capable of doing so again.