Dear DR:

I hope this note finds you well.

You asked about a new snub that has suffered several part and function failures since you bought it and you were wondering about the future reliability.  Here are my thoughts:

I have found that many of the new guns lack the workmanship of guns made only 20 years earlier.

Everything is computer parts and put together by drones – The age of the craftsman/worker giving the finished product a once over with a skilled artisan’s eye has fading into history.

I always buy modern guns “used” (the older the better) – I have D-frame Colts and J- and K-frame Smiths made in the 30’s to the 60’s that I bought used at a 1/3rd the price of new guns and whose workmanship is beyond description.

Short answer to your question – Dump that snub – While I *might* send a specific gun to a master gunsmith for a total rework – I would not unless the gun was something other than a working (self-defense) tool – Weapons are weapons, not sentimental pieces – If the gun needs to go back to the factory repeatedly I would fear there is a fundamental failure with that particular specimen.

I might forgive a lot of products that fail to perform as advertised but I would never trust a defective piece of life saving gear that I bought to use when death is clawing at my throat.

You noted that the problems you already had were promptly fixed by the factory – Well then you might still keep the gun but only if a factory gunsmith walked with you for the rest of your live and had a working spare gun to pass to you to fight while as he was repairing the next malfunction.

Anyway that’s what I would do.

I hope that helps.


Michael de Bethencourt