One of our blog readers asked why I favor the blue steel snubs over the stainless steel guns.  I thought I would share my answer.

Dear Victor:

You asked about my choice of blue steel over stainless steel and sugested that it may have been about the blue steel’s low profile color. You are not too far off.

 Here are a few reasons why I prefer the blue steel over the s/steel (in no special order):

– Being dark it is less likely to get spotted by the police, other good guys and the bad guys

– You can (sometimes) draw it without being observed by the bad guy

– Frame vs.  frame (and produced with the same cylinder material), the blue steel guns are lighter than s/steel guns

– Blue steel guns are slower to heat up and quicker to cool down

– In *some* models when s/steel guns heat up they will bind their action

– In bright light it is easier to find the blue steel sights than the s/steel sights

– Too many s/steel gun owners think “stainless” means “stain-not” and never clean or maintain them.

Now there are lots of good reasons for the s/steel guns and I have in the past recommended s/steel .38 K-frames and s/steel .357 Rugers to many shooters – notably to folks with money, boats and minimal interest in developing shooting skills – but for me I will stick with the blue alloy .38 guns and blue steel .357 guns.

For what its worth. 

I hope that helps.


Michael de Bethencourt