Snub revolvers are bought by all types of users for various uses. From the sportsman’s classic kit gun to the instructor’s training tool for new shooters to the legally armed citizen’s ubiquitous self-defense carry weapon. Because the needs of these shooters vary, manufacturers tend to build their snub revolvers around some amorphous multi-function goal. The result is that few manufacturers expend much care or attention on producing a dedicated out-of-the-box self-defense snub.  That job invariably falls to the snub owner. When building a self-defense package based on the small concealable revolver, shooters need to begin with an understanding that the snub is in fact an ensemble unit and that the whole is composed of five interconnected elements: the snub, the stocks, the holster, aftermarket gunsmithing and the ammunition. Each customization element requires careful consideration before being applied to your weapon. A failure of any single element may lead to a failure of the whole.