Lay advice involving the judicious use of deadly force is filled with both criminal and civil pitfalls.  Law students spend three years studying just the foundation of the law and then spend the rest of their legal careers learning its nuances.   A few sentences from me cannot do justice to this complex topic and any shorthand I might offer could too easily leave you with a dangerously mistaken impression as to what the law is and is not. Fortunately there are many well done and dedicated resources available on the subject.  Some fill entire books, video tapes, DVDs and lectures.  The great ones include the multimedia works of Massad Ayoob, the texts and lectures of Massachusetts attorney Andrew Branca and Indiana attorney Manny Kapelsohn, to name only three. These experts conduct regular self-defense and the law programs that are both timely and State specific. Additionally you can check with your own state’s NRA affiliate organization. Many of these state organizations have in-house gun-law savvy attorneys who conduct regular self-defense and the law style programs. Remember though that all law resources have their limitations.  Any “this is the state of the law” material is by its nature subject to obsolescence by both new legislation and evolving case law. For that reason the professionals offering judicious use of deadly force training should be contacted and their programs attended on a regular basis.  Their seminar fees will be much less costly than their legal fees.