Physical conditioning is one of the most ignored aspects of the self-defense shoot’s training. Nationally known firearm instructors Clint Smith and Ralph Mroz have both written about the importance of physical conditioning in firearm training. To quote Clint Smith: “Physical conditioning, appropriate to your age and health … contributes to your survivability.” But where can you find the time? Consider that there are 1440 minutes in every twenty-four hour day. Dedicating only 1% of your day requires only 14.4 minutes (technically 14 minutes and 24 seconds) If every day you can’t find a single fifteen minute stretch for exercising then try finding three or four stretches in the day that will add up to fifteen minutes. Let me also recommend that you find a physical activity that is personally appealing and that will initially require no gym equipment. When you have picked out an exercise remember to start easy and plan for a training commitment that will stretch on for years. If it has been several years since your last exercise routine then consider restarting with a basic walking program. You can work up a number of tricks to promote a walking regiment. Consider making a habit of parking your car in spaces that are farther from the stores or businesses than you generally choose. Once you get accustomed to a longer walk to and from the entrances you can extend the distances. It is an easy default training method and you can remind yourself that you are improving both your physical health and (by extension) your gunfighting abilities with every extra step.