I have six goals for this collected material. I hope to:

1.   Introduce some alternative snub manipulation skills and drills.

2.   Demonstrate some unconventional right and left hand snub manual-of-arms techniques. It is worth noting that because the snub revolver is an asymmetric weapon it requires different handling skills for the right and left hand shooter.

3.   Offer the snub owner some tips that might aid him in evaluating and enhancing his current shooting equipment.

4.   Help expose unconscious Range Effect conditioning. Range Effect is a term coined by nationally known police trainer Ralph Mroz. It describes those subtle training scars that a shooter can develop on the range that unconsciously conditions him to fail when engaged in an actual gunfight.

5.   Introduce several unconventional second-snub and back-up gun (BUG) manipulations and shooting exercises

6.   Introduce single-hand/injured-hand snub-manipulation skills. Most competent semi-automatic pistol shooters can load, unload and re-load their pistols one-handed only with either the right or the left hand. These are important “injured shooter” skills for all handgunners. Snub shooters should be able to accomplish the same task with their own weapon of choice.