There has always been a dearth of snub related texts. H. FitzGerald, the prime motivation behind the “Fitz-Special” noted several of the snub’s self-defense advantages in his book Shooting. Master holster designer Chic Gaylord dedicated several pages worth of material to the snub’s virtues in his text The Handgunner’s Guide. But neither text is a dedicated snub resource. The arrival of the first dedicated snub text had to wait for Ed Lovette. Mr. Lovette’s text The Snubby Revolver is the clear primogenitor on the subject of snubs, snub tactics and snub resources. It is in Ed’s text that he notes five reasons why snub owners and shooters should continually be gathering up and recording our self-defense revolver material:

1. “We’re slowly losing all that good revolver ‘how-to’ we learned the hard way [.]”

2. “I am concerned that the requisite revolver skills are not being passed on to those who need them.”

3. There is a dearth of “revolver only” courses available.

4. “It is possible that the mainstay revolver – the one most purchased, most carried, and most used – will become the snubby.”

5. “With a little luck, it might inspire [other] revolver hands … to share their experience and expertise.”

I wouldn’t compare this amorphous collection of snub commentaries to Ed Lovette’s work but I do offer it as a recording of the various snub handling tips I have collected along with a few related insights I have observed over the years. In the interest of expanding my own snub revolver skills library I hope this small effort will also motivate other revolver shooters and trainers to contribute to the genre.