Can you give me your opinion of the .327 Federal Magnum in the 3″ J-frame?     


Mike from NC

Dear Mike:

Thank you for the questions.

First off anytime I can advocate for the 3-inch J-fame I will. Love the gun!

Re the .327…

On “paper” I love the idea of a 6-round J-frame with *nearly* the same punch as the .357

If it shoots “flat” enough at unreasonable distances (50 to 100 yards) and will punch through a wide variety of intervening materials I can see lots of situation where it would shine but…

As much as I like it I (currently) think it has three strikes asterisks against it

No. 1 – Finding a variable (not necessary a steady) supply of ammo – Do some, most, all or none of your area gun shops currently carry it?

No. 2 – How is it doing against dangerous bipeds? – Just as with “new” police rounds you don’t want to be “First on your block to test it.” – Remember way-back-when when all the *experts* howled about the mega-man stopper 10mm and spit on the “short-and-weak” S&W .40 cal?

No. 3 – Reasonably priced for regular training – Lets say that you have a large number of ammunition supply sources, and that the rounds is currently stopping bad guys at triple the rate of the .40 cal – Does the rounds’ current cost and/or your training budget permit you to put in the shooting (range) time?

I want to like the round and I want to find the perfect balance between power/control/weapon size/training cost – and maybe (!) the .327 is it – but until at least No’s 2 and 3 are solved I think I’m going to hold off (at least for a little while longer)

On a really positive note – IF – the round really excites you then go for it – You have a flexible caliber and a reliable weapon – You could dust off a variety of .32’s 32 Magnums and 327’s for regular trips to the range.

I hope that helps.


Michael de Bethencourt