Good evening Mike,

I have a couple of questions:

1. What are your thoughts regarding a wadcutter vs. Falderal’s

Nyclad for an airweight snub?

2. What are your thoughts on Bianchi’s 55L Lightenin’ holster? I have seen a couple of articles that recommend against it because of the retaining strap interfering with the draw.

Thanks, Chris

Dear Chris:

 Thank you for the questions.

Re: Wadcutter vs. Nyclad

I put a premium on accuracy (after reliability!) – You can’t *stop* what you can’t hit so I would start with a test for accuracy.

If one offers great accuracy and the other does not, then that would solve the question – unless you can adjust the sights, and most snubs can’t.

If both hit point of aim then recoil would be the next issue – and who will be doing the shooting. I enjoy shooting everything but I have to work with the assumption that at least *some* of the time my wife might be near at hand and she may be doing the fighting (I hand her the 2nd gun, she is the first to reach the gun, I’m out of action, etc) so it does me no good to be the only one who can handle the recoil.

For example if the gun/ammo combo would be going to a non-gun (new) shooter/friend and they could cover a dime with wad cutter but needed a dinner plate for the Nyclad, I would give the tip to the wad cutter.

There is also a vocal crowd that swears by the wadcutter. They will tell you that it cuts nice full size holes leaving lots of air going in and lots of blood going out, there is never a risk that the hollow point will get plugged and, is 100% legal even in area where hollow points and not.

Re: Bianchi’s 55L Lightenin’ holster

I find two problems with the holster. Yes, the retaining strap will interfere with the grip and draw stroke but if you have a hammerless or a shrouded snub it might still be an option. Unfortunately, the strap is designed to work only with a very small (classic) stock. If you have any material between the front strap and the rear of the trigger guard (Tyler T, Spegel stocks, etc.,) The strap will not work. In combination then excluding the option of fighting sized stocks and the reduction in draw stroke reliability I have to say the Lightnin’ is not a top choice.

Alternatively any properly boned snub holster would keep the gun in place, offer you a great draw stroke and give you the option of practical stocks. Try – He make some of the best practical/fighting snub holster in the world.

I hope that info helps a little.

If I missed anything, let me know.