S & W 640


How are you? I really want to use my S&W 640 .38SPL as my EDC but am reluctant to do so at times because in today’s society it seems like a dated tool. I enjoy the convenience of carry and I am quite proficient with a snub nose revolver. Please share some of your wealth of experience on this matter with me.

Thank you,


Dear Albert:

I hope this note finds you well.

Thank you for your e-mail.

Regarding your question, yes the snub is a very limited self-defense weapon.

Its great virtue is in that it can be brought into action with little or (ideally) no warning when your bad-guy believes you are unarmed and unlikely to defend yourself.

As an “ace-in-the-hole” I think the snub has great value – but I add this caveat a weapon has to engender in the owner/defender confident that it is the appropriate tool for the anticipated task.

If a shooter believes it is inherently an insufficient tool – to use your words “a dated tool” – then it is on its face the wrong weapon.

No criticism meant, but as the great fellow said – The gun has to be comforting, not comfortable. A weapon that does not inspire confidence is an inadequate tool for that specific gun owner.

If your most common carry is (by example) a Glock 17 then maybe a micro Glock would be a better deep concealment weapon.

I would think a smaller version of what you currently carry would supply you with a better tactical and physiological edge – Both important aspects when considering an EDC weapon.

If you go with a class mouse gun (.22, .25, and .32 ACP) consider contacting Claude Werner in GA – he does a great program on “Maximizing the Mouse Gun”

If you go for a slightly larger weapon consider contacting Tom Givens in TN – He does a great course on micro pistols (.380 and up range)

Please know though that I am NOT disparaging the small calibers and/or the micro pistols – I know several shooters who saved their lives and or family members using very small caliber pistols and revolvers.

Regardless of caliber the gun has to be appropriate to the user because *sometimes* confidence will go a long way in getting the job done – i.e. confidence with a .25 can beat terror trying to use a .45.

You might rightly say that under those circumstances maybe neither gun would get the job done – True – but if your grandmother were trying to fend off an attacker would you give her better odds with a 8-shot .22 revolver or an 8-shot .45?

Thank you again for the great question. Let me know what weapon you decide on.


Michael de Bethencourt