Bobbed Hammered K-frame


Can you tell me anything about hammer functionality if I were to cut off the thumb tang to create a snag free hammer? I would lose single action capability but that’s okay as I would only fire in double action.


Mark K

Dear Mark K:
Thank you for the great questions.
First, if you do bob the hammer spur, that will not render the gun double action only (DAO)

Bobbed hammer in cocked position
A hammer spur “bob job” and the DAO are two separate gunsmithing options.
Taking the DAO first, it is a very good idea for a self-defense gun. Many a man has risked his self-defense claim when the *question* of whether he did or did not cock the weapon in the fight comes up in court.

Remember it is the job of the prosecutor to put you in a cell. “It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.” If he can get an advantage by suggesting that you cocked the gun and set up the situation that led to a negligent discharge, he will.  A DAO gun removes that argument and will save you the grief of otherwise having to prove that you didn’t cock the weapon.
Re the hammer spur; excluding class demo guns, any self-defense gun I own that can’t “hammer shroud” I like to bob the hammer.  To sound like I’m repeating myself, many a man reached for his snub in an emergence and fouled the draw stroke when the spur got caught on something, (jacket, pocket, etc.,) I can think of one case where the fellow was drawing out of a jacket, hooked the hammer spur, and was shot to death before he could clear the weapon.
Re the gunsmithing work; Almost any skilled gunsmith should be able to remove the spur without reducing ignition reliability … *almost any.*
Remember though that different ammo uses different primers. Some primers that are “soft” (easy firing) and other feature primers that are hard (harder to fire off)  After you get the spur bobbed off, be sure to test your carry ammo so you know that your hammer will consistently set off the rounds.
You may also want to find some ammo that uses particularly hard primer and also test your new snub against that.
If I tested the gun with 50 rounds of “hard” primers and 50 rounds with my soft-primer self-defense ammo and all 100 rounds want off – first time, every time – I would be reasonable secure in believing the new hammer job was reliable.

 Bianchi L55 "Lightnin"
On an aside, you will have to hunt around for a holster that won’t need the hammer spur to secure the holster’s security snap. There are several holsters that will work will with a snub set up in the fashion we are describing (i.e. bobbed hammer.) Bianchi’s 55L “Lightnin” is a good example.
I think you question is an important one. Thank you for asking it. I hope this info helps a little.
If I missed anything please feel free to follow up or just give me a call.
Good luck and safe shooting.